About Us

“I started Art Management International because I wanted up and coming artists to benefit from my experience.” – Dominic Virtosu

Dominic Virtosu at work
Dominic Virtosu at work

Founded by contemporary artist and art professor, Dominic Virtosu, Art Management international is a platform aimed at helping artists build their artist career by mentoring them on strategic, creative, and mental well being decisions. The platform consists of online training courses and certified personal coaching, in addition to providing free content to a dedicated community of aspiring artists from all over the world.

Art Management international launched in 2017 with the ambition of helping visual artists and creatives achieve their professional goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The inspiration came from Dominic Virtosu’s career development and challenges. His interest in teaching and coaching as well as his strategic harmonious lifestyle developed through therapy, meditation and diet have helped Virtosu become a well balanced artist and mentor with a harmonious internal framework.

The ultimate goal for Art Management International is to help upcoming talent holistically navigate the art world and provide strategic guidance along the way.